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We Service the Following Areas: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.
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Composite Decks

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We offer Pressure Treated Timber Tech and Cedar Wood Decks
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New Composite Deck $89 per mo.
Pressure Treated Deck $79 per mo.
$0 Down for Both

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Starting With a Better Process

Our patented manufacturing process uses a variety of cellulose materials, wood flour and virgin polyethylene. The result is a product that is more consistent, more natural looking and of higher quality than composites that use recycled materials

What is TimberTech?

The Low-Maintenance Alternative to Wood

Made from reclaimed wood fibers and pure plastic resins, TimberTech composite decking and railing is a revolutionary alternative to traditional wood decks that offers a skid-free, splinter-free surface that doesn't need painting, staining or sealing.

And, unlike wood decks, TimberTech resists fading, weathering, rotting and warping – it stays looking great year after year. In fact, we back it with a

25-year warranty


Fabulous Colors and Textures to Choose From

5 Reasons to buy TimberTech

Low Maintenance Safety Durability
Increases the Value of your Home Resist Heating and Fading

It's also heat– and fade–resistant, safe, durable, and can even increase the value of your home.

Five Reasons to Choose TimberTech Composite decking over Wood

  1. Low Maintenance - Because TimberTech's revolutionary composite decking resists sun and water damage, it maintains its color and beauty for years. You do not need to paint, stain or seal it – often burdensome yearly projects with traditional wood decks. And, because it resists weathering and warping, you won't need to replace rotting, uneven or insect-damaged boards. Caring for your TimberTech deck is easy and will keep it looking new year after year.

    TimberTech can even save you money over the life of your Timber deck.
  2. Resists Heating and Fading - Whichever TimberTech color you choose, it will stay rich, vibrant and naturally beautifulfor years to come – with virtually no maintenance. Ultraviolet protection additives reduce the harmful fading effects of the sun. Your deck will also stay cool to the touch.
  3. Safety - Unlike traditional wood decks, TimberTech decks are splinter-free and skid-free, making your home or business a little safer. At home, you can relax and kick your shoes off. At your business, you'll feel better about doing more to keep your customers safe.
  4. Durability - Traditional wood decks can be beautiful – but not for long. Wet springs, blistering summers and frigid winters quickly take their toll, leaving your wood deck faded, splintered and warped. Our composite decking is made from a patented process that results in superior, consistent, low-maintenance decking material. Your TimberTech deck will look like new for years – no weathering, no warping.
  5. Increases the Value of your Home - TimberTech decks not only add value to your lifestyle, they add value to your home. When you add a TimberTech composite deck – or use it to replace a wood deck – you'll recover much of your investment when you sell your home. Several estimates saw a national average of a 90.3% return on investment for deck additions. In some areas, the return is more than 100%.

Types of planks:

Floorizon™ Plank -- TimberTech’s Floorizon Plank offers a smooth, beautiful surface that brings the comfort of an indoor flooring surface to the outdoors. With a built-in blind fastener system, there are no exposed screws on the surface. With two choices in surface finishes, VertiGrain or Brushed, you can be assured a deck built with Floorizon planks will be safe, desirable and easy to install.

Product Features

  • Hidden fastener system allows for an attractive decking surface
  • 6” plank provides 11% more surface coverage than traditional decking profiles, which means lower material needs
  • Spans 24” on-center for reduced structural needs
  • VertiGrain surface provides a bold, distinct look and lacks the repetitive "V" pattern found on other composites

Earthwood™ Plank -- TimberTech’s Earthwood Plank provides the attractive exotic look of a premium tropical hardwood deck for your outdoor oasis. Available in a warm, rich Tropical Walnut color, this plank has the exotic flair needed to complete the ultimate outdoor experience. Each plank has color and grain variations that emulate the natural variations found in real tropical hardwood.

Product Features

  • The deep look of tropical hardwoods, but with less maintenance than traditional lumber
  • The square-edged plank provides well-defined deck lines for a clean, crisp design
  • Spans 16” on-center
  • Actual dimensions 1” x 5-7/16”

2x6 Plank -- TimberTech’s 2x6 plank is engineered for maximum strength to weight efficiency. This product is ideal for dock applications, offering a low-maintenance surface that does not rot or split when exposed to moisture. And the brushed surface provides the look of real wood and reduces slippery conditions when wet.

Product Features

  • Brushed surface provides the look of wood
  • Ideal for dock and marina applications
  • Available in select markets. See your local dealer for details.
  • Spans 24” on-center for reduced structural needs
  • Actual dimensions 1-1/2” x 5-1/2”

DockSider™ Plank -- TimberTech DockSider Plank is great for docks, marinas and other recreational areas around water. The VertiGrain™ surface provides the look of real wood and reduces slippery surface conditions when wet. It resists rotting, warping, weathering and fading.

Product Features

  • Engineered for maximum strength to weight efficiency
  • Spans 24” on-center for residential and commercial applications.
  • Low-maintenance surface does not rot or split when exposed to moisture and stands up to heavy traffic.
  • Splinter-free surface doesn’t need painting, staining or sealing
  • Square edge profile provides well defined lines and accents.
  • Available in Cedar and Grey.
  • Actual dimensions: 1-1/4" x 5-1/2"


  • Caps off the end of your TimberTech deck planks to give it that finishing touch
  • Available in 6' lengths
  • Available in TimberTech Cedar, Grey, and Redwood